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All American Glass is your local glass company. We install new windows, do window replacement, install glass shower doors, and frameless showers and shower doors. We also install solar screens and do home window tinting. Thank you for viewing our blog. Check back for updates.

In order to improve window performance in your home, you must take into consideration selection in terms of design and installation. ENERGY STAR® has developed an energy performance ratings of windows to highlight minimum performance that will help you select the proper window specifications for your particular climate. This will

There are a multitude of decisions to be made for a bathroom build-out or remodeling project. The homeowner must consider overall style, functionality, and cost. Choices are not just limited to paint color, flooring, or countertops in the bathroom any longer. Shower doors now have options too. Most are familiar

During the winter:

  • Reduce drafts by installing a heavy-duty clear plastic sheet or film to the inside of the window frame.
  • Install tight-fitting insulating window shades on drafty windows
  • Open your curtains and shades during the day to allow the sunlight to come in and close them at night

Windows on our home are not only aesthetically pleasing, they provide light, warmth and ventilation. Unfortunately, they can negatively affect the home’s energy efficiency depending on how much cold/heat and light are allowed through the windows. A way to reduce high energy costs is by installing windows that are designed

Winter is upon us! Now is the perfect opportunity to prep your home for the start of the cool months ahead. By properly preparing your home, you will be able to save money and help create a more comfortable environment throughout the spring time. Old, worn out windows and doors

Primarily designed to let in fresh air and keep out almost everything else, window screens are a great addition to any home! If you are shopping around for new window screens or looking to replace your current ones, here is some good-to-know information. There are a couple of different types

Tips and Tricks for sparkling windows

Roll up those sleeves and bust out your cleaning outfit, because it’s time to make those windows sparkle! Sure, no one ever likes the job of cleaning windows, but we have great tips and tricks to help make the job worth doing.

Did You Know There Are So Many Shower Glass Choices?

Did you know that shower glass comes in all types of different colors, patterns, and textures? The greenish tint found in glass is caused by the iron used in the manufacturing process. Although subtle, the greenish tint adds

New Windows Help Increase Home Value!

One of the best ways to help boost the value of a home is replacing old windows. Adding new windows will not only help the look of your home, but it can also increase energy efficiency inside. If you are planning on

Tax time is here, so why not make a good investment with your refund! Not only can new energy efficient windows save you money on energy costs, they can also be tax deductible. Does your house feel cold in the winter even though your heater runs continually? All American Glass