Shower Glass Choices

Did You Know There Are So Many Shower Glass Choices?

Did you know that shower glass comes in all types of different colors, patterns, and textures? The greenish tint found in glass is caused by the iron used in the manufacturing process. Although subtle, the greenish tint adds a splash of color from the cool end of the color spectrum. On the other hand, when looking for a more dramatic look, you might consider a rich bronze or a smoky gray tinted glass. To add a touch of glamour, look at a dark, sultry tint. And if you are looking at a frameless shower, you want to make sure your hinges and handles are in a dark metal to match the hues of the glass; so your shower installation appears seamless. Some people are already in love with their tile and fixtures, so you don’t want to obscure the already existent colors with tinted glass. Because the iron is the primary reason for the green hues to standard glass, less metal will help produce a tint free glass. This type of glass is where you get the crystal clear look and when combined with a frameless enclosure, your shower will appear very open and airy.

However, for some people, clear glass is just a little too clear. Etched or frosted glass will help create privacy and allows in a subtle, mellow light. There are many different patterns you can choose from to be etched in glass, which is perfect for any bathroom. There are so many options to choose from, which can seem a little over whelming. Let us help you narrow down your options and help you choose the perfect glass for your shower! Call us at (281) 507-6801 or visit us at for more information.