Window Screens: The Need-to-Know

Primarily designed to let in fresh air and keep out almost everything else, window screens are a great addition to any home! If you are shopping around for new window screens or looking to replace your current ones, here is some good-to-know information.

There are a couple of different types of screens on the market, aluminum screens and fiberglass screens. Aluminum screens usually come in a natural or an applied charcoal color. If you are looking for a much less visible look, where views are important, charcoal is a great option. Fiberglass screens also come in light gray and charcoal, as well. However, charcoal offers those better views and outstanding appearance. Fiberglass on the other hand won’t dent like aluminum when pushed or hit. It is made from extremely fine fibers of glass, and will not corrode over time, because of its very strong and durable material.


Protection – Window screens will help keep out those pesky insects, leaves, debris and animals from getting inside your home. They will also offer your glass protection from the harsh elements

Fresh Air – Screens are a great way to allow that fresh outside air to flow in, while repelling insects and debris.

Conserves Energy – In those hot Texas summers, dense window screens are a great way to help reduce sunlight and heat gain. This will minimize cooling costs and damages to your window, furnishings, carpet and floors, that are caused by the sun. If you are shopping for new screens or your current screens are worn out and damaged, give us a call at All American Glass! Our team of professionals will help you choose the right screen for your home. Let us show you why we are the number one choice for all your window needs! Call us today, (281) 507-6801.